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  1. To imbue with meaning
  2. To define a low-risk plan of completion
  3. To make cool
  4. To be touched by the Hand of Lon
World of Warcraft Dreadblades: Part 1: The Plan
I want some real-world Dreadblades.

I’ve been doing serious prop building for a couple years and should be able to make them out of EVA foam.

I’m not a fan of most of the Artifact Weapons in World of Warcraft “Legion.” I could rant about talent trees and silly models for hours.

But the Outlaw Rogue Dreadblades…

Ah… There’s something I can get behind. Sure, all those spikes and teeth will cut the wielder as well as the target, but they just look cool.

This is more elaborate than any of my previous builds, so I practiced my patterning and foam fabricating by creating a more normal saber.


Then I made the commitment in public:

I then promised a friend they could have the Dreadblades to play with at BlizzCon. We are fully committed! Let the panic begin!

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