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2011-present Firebrand LLC, Minneapolis, MN
Senior Developer
  • Introduced protocols and processes to manage multiple-developer projects.
  • Produced scope and budget documents for web sites and social media campaigns.
  • Updated Google Analytics and other measurement practices.
  • Developed advanced templates, themes, and plugins for vBulletin and WordPress.
  • Created digital content strategies for multiple clients
  • Network, DNS, and server administration on multiple platforms.
  • Migrate clients from in-house CMS to WordPress.
  • Moved all development to git.
2015-present LonMakes, Minneapolis MN
  • Designed and built many electronics and "maker" project.
  • Set up streaming studio for Twitch and YouTube.
  • Created brand identity assets.
1998-present Lon Koenig Productions, Minneapolis MN
Director of Interactive Development
  • Designed and built many commercial web sites. Specializing in alternative media like 3D, mobile, video and virtual reality.
  • Developed proposals, project plans, and budgets for a number of local new media developers.
  • Designed and built a secure distributed file delivery system for a leading shareware distributor.
  • Designed and implemented interactive and internet-connected kiosks for multiple clients including Marshall Field's.
  • Lead the creative and technical teams for interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs for many clients including Xerox.
  • Created computer animations and digital video for web, broadcast, kiosk, and CD-ROM.
  • Delivered highly interactive Shockwave and Flash components for educational and corporate clients.
  • Prepared streaming media using advanced compression and preparation techniques.
1998-2012 Risdall Marketing Group, New Brighton, MN
Chief Technical Officer/Consultant
  • Lead developer for "non-web" applications including avionics, GPS, and mobile applications
  • Helped design network security, backup, and disaster recovery protocols for a mixed platform environment.
  • Built 3D and mobile web applications.
  • Created Kiosk, digital signage, and other content distribution systems.
  • Sole developer on a number of in-house "Social" applications based on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Consulted on Streaming media and IP TV projects.
  • Network, DNS, and server administration on multiple platforms.
2007-2008 ZAM Network, Minneapolis MN
Project Manager/ Acting CTO
  • Managed a technical team maintaining servers with millions of visitors a day.
  • Directed the development of a complete news portal publishing site in 20 weeks.
  • Created and implemented a Social Networking strategy including the production of Facebook, Google, and MySpace applications.
  • Bridged the gap between Advertising Operations and the technical teams to increase available ad types.
  • Managed the development schedules for dozens of projects.
  • Recruited top talent for all aspects of the growing business: Visual design to server maintenance.
  • Worked with the technical teams to improve Search Engine Optimization across all sites.
2001-2007 Lon Koenig Productions (see above)
2000-2001 Learning Outfitters Excelsior, MN
Director of Development
  • Directed multiple creative and technical teams producing web sites based on state educational standards.
  • Designed and implemented web and database architecture for a highly scalable and secure educational software publishing system.
  • Reduced development cycles from months to weeks.
  • Created educational Shockwave and Flash applications with server-based performance tracking.
1998-2000 Lon Koenig Productions (see above)
1997-1998 IVL Inc./ Juntunen Media Group (SixtyFootSpider) Minneapolis, MN
Director of Interactive Media
  • Co-designed an important kiosk installation for Northern States Power at the Mall of America.
  • Designed and implemented CD-ROMs featuring video and virtual-reality technologies.
  • Served as "Techie-Creative Translator" for advertising agencies and design firms.
  • Provided technical analysis for proposal and bid creation.
  • Lead development of digital video creation and compression services.
1995-1997 Risdall Advertising Agency/RLA/Digital Habitat Partnership New Brighton, MN
V.P. of Interactive Magic
  • Co-founded "Digital Habitat" division of Risdall Advertising. The agency was selected as a Creative Alliance Program member by AT&T WorldNet for the creation of web sites and other electronic commerce vehicles. RLA was also selected by 3M as an Approved Vendor for interactive materials. In 1997, RLA made AdWeek's list of "The Top 50 Interactive Agencies."
  • Researched, created, and implemented online marketing plans for advertising clients.
  • Lead development effort on more than 90 web sites for over 70 customers.
  • Authored (with other Digital Habitat partners) technical chapters of HTML & Web Publishing Secrets (IDG).
  • Developed interactive sales presentations for national software publishers including Lawson Software and The Learning Company.
  • Served as Webmaster for over 30 commercial sites.
  • Built multi-server interactive web sites utilizing graphics, video, databases and sound.
  • Created commercial presentations, kiosks, and CD-ROM catalogs for national corporations.
  • Trained staff in development tools (everything from Photoshop to Director to JavaScript).
1995-1996 WorldClassifieds Corp. Minneapolis, MN
Director of Development
  • Researched, wrote, and implemented marketing plan for "online" side of the business.
  • Managed all aspects of software and hardware for corporate web site.
  • Hired and managed contractors to fulfill software development plan.
  • Created a high-capacity, high-performance data-driven web site - under budget!
1993-1995 BST Productions Inc. St. Paul, MN
  • Developed (storyboard through duplication and packaging) retail CD-ROM products from existing video titles.
1992-1995 MECC/The Learning Company Minneapolis MN
Senior Systems Programmer
  • Member of the Edutainment Software Home Market research team.
  • Key contributor to MECC's K-4 math design teams. Educational goals ranged from pre-counting exercises to an introduction to Chaos Theory.
  • Extensive professional experience with popular multimedia development tools.
  • Wrote effective and maintainable programs in many computer languages (6502, 65816, 6800, 8085 Assembly language, BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, Lingo).
  • Sought out by other staff programmers for assistance with software and algorithm design.
  • Used a MIDI-based studio to create original music and sound effects for computer programs.
  • Recorded and engineered audio for many Mac and Windows titles.
1983-1991 Sunburst Communications Rochester MN
Computer Programmer/Software Designer
  • Produced internationally published educational software including several projects with Jim Henson Productions, Inc.
  • Member of Sunburst design team which created highly interactive programs based on the NCTM's curriculum guidelines.
  • Collaborated with experienced educators to design products that encourage student participation.
  • Researched educational strategies for use in award-winning software design.
  • Developed assembly-language libraries and utilities for use by staff programmers.
  • Updated over 25 products for use in a networked environment.
1981-1983 CAPS Project (School District 535) Rochester MN
Computer Programmer
  • Member of educational research team that developed the "Problem Solving Skills Matrix" which was later adopted by Sunburst Communications.



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