1. To imbue with meaning
  2. To define a low-risk plan of completion
  3. To make cool
  4. To be touched by the Hand of Lon
Mac Scriptlet
AppleScriptlet that posts the title of your currently playing iTunes track to Skype.
SimpleGold World of Warcraft Addon
SimpleGold adds a small customizable panel to the interface that displays the player's current gold.
SimpleCoords World of Warcraft Addon
SimpleCoords creates a movable window that displays the player's location as coordinates. It also allows the player to specify a goal and guides the player towards it.
Many web sites use these coordinates to help players find objects or characters in the game.
AKA World of Warcraft Addon
AKA allows players to specify a nickname that will be seen by other users of the addon regardless of which character they are currently playing.
This deceptively simple addon actually creates a peer-to-peer network in the game for distributing player information.
WordPress plugins Open Source Plugins
WordPress W
WordPress plugins focused on optimizing Analytics.

WP Scroll Depth generates page scroll events for Google Analytics

Simple Content Experiments provides shortcodes for simple implementation of Google Content Experiments

SeachCloak provides a simple method for heading pages and child pages from local search and web indexes

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