Lon Koenig is a communications technologist with a broad background in education, advertising, and games.

Here, at LONK.ME, you can monitor Lon's Internet goings-on.

Lon Koenig grew up in the intellectual community of Rochester Minnesota, home of the World Famous Mayo Clinic and IBM Rochester. Raised by poodles, he went on to study music and technology in many forms.

Lon's interest in education led him to work with the largest educational software publishers in the world where he worked with international partners like Jim Henson Productions and Disney.

In his life outside the educational world, Lon has developed kiosks and trade show experiences for Honeywell, Target, and a high-profile installation for Northern States Power at the Mall of America.

On the technical side, Lon was a contributing member of the IETF HTML 2 work group, and a regular member of the various online Director and Shockwave communities.